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Read from individuals who have experienced remarkable improvements in their health; from life-changing transformations to relief from chronic conditions. See the tangible impact of our therapy!

Connie W.

"Dr Jessica is an excellent physical therapist! Dr. Jessica cared for my Dad right after his knee surgery.  She is very knowledgeable and has just the right amount of tenderness and push that aids her patients in their healing.  We are very grateful to have had Dr. Jess taking care of my dad!!"

Bill L.

Dr. Jess saved my life! On August 31, 2024, I fell and broke my neck. She visited daily as an angel of mercy. On March 13, 2024, 7 months later, my neck is healed from the excruciating pain. She is the BEST!"

Dr. Ashley C. DC

"Dr. Jessica is an awesome physical therapist. I went to see her for post partum pelvic floor therapy. She gave me practical strategies to help me support myself, even with being a working busy mom. She’s extremely knowledgeable, creative, kind and patient. She’s an out of the box thinker and that was exactly what I needed. If you need patience and a personal one-on-one approach, she’s your girl."

Lauren D.

"Dr. Jess is more than just a Physical Therapist, she's an educator, a nutritionist and a health coach all in one!  She not only helped treat my chronic stiff hip, she taught me exercises and stretches to strengthen my weak hip and leg muscles, and recommended a healthy eating plan to reduce my inflammation and pain.  She even created a take-home plan, tailored to my needs, to help me increase my mobility and continue my healing journey.  Working with Dr. Jess helped me become a better version of myself – she is the definition of a holistic healer!"

Dr. Marty K. PD

"Dr. Jessica and I have known each other professionally for 25 years. in any relationship with her you can count on her knowledge of traditional and alternative approaches for a tailored approach to optimal health. You will be blessed!"

Evie S.

"In 1995, while mounting a horse, my right knee was damaged severely. A local orthopedic doctor, believing the knee to having a torn meniscus, performed arthroscopic surgery. What was supposed to be a short surgery turned into almost 3 hours. The meniscus was 68% effaced, the ACL was 98% effaced and the Patella cracked nearly in half. The doctor completed the surgery and announced that I would need to have full replacement surgery in the coming months. I was fitted with a brace that supported my leg from ankle to hip. In the meantime, the doctor recommended physical therapy. I had heard of Dr. Jessica Monteleone and her success rate in Physical Therapy. The doctor did not like Dr. Monteleone's unconventional holistic approach, however after researching other Physical Therapists and visiting one, I chose Dr. Monteleone. She was tough on me and pushed me through the pain. She knew when I wasn't following her protocol at home and with kindness, educated me on the importance of following her protocol to accomplish success. We worked together for weeks, until insurance ran out. At that time, Dr. Monteleone gave me tools; exercises, food choices and nutrients that would support my knee and strengthen the bone and muscular structure. That was over 29 years ago and because of Dr. Monteleone's exceptional therapy, a knee replacement was not needed. In addition, the orthopedic doctor was throughly impressed with the success acquired and recognized Dr. Monteleone's success with me to his associates. There are not enough words of thanks for Dr. Monteleone's extraordinary methods of therapy on my behalf."

Bonnie B.

"In 1982 I had a near-fatal car crash, which resulted in extensive and prolonged rehabilitation of not only motor skills but cognitive as well. During this traumatic time, I received hands-on physical care and rehabilitation from Dr. Jessica Monteleone. Not only did I receive hands-on care, but education as well given on water, supplements; hands-on deep tissue work, and ultrasound. The many years of her wise council, and care taken on my behalf, have resulted in a vital life far exceeding any level of physical wholeness I could have hoped for or dreamed possible.  So much concern, with so much intervention! Of one thing I am certain. Were it not for Dr. Jessica's wisdom, diligence, and dedication I would not have reached the level of wholeness and wellness that I enjoy today. At 74 years old I have a vibrant and purposed life and lifestyle! Thank you, Dr. Jess!"

Pat B.

"I had rotator cuff surgery 2 years ago and Jessica was my therapist. She takes extra time with you and is very thorough. She’s very knowledgeable and uses it in the best possible way for the patient. I would definitely recommend her."

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