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An integrative approach to health that works

Wholistic Therapy At Home, a trusted establishment owned and operated by David and Dr. Jessica Monteleone, PT MS PhD, boasts a remarkable legacy of over 40 years in providing top-notch physical therapy and holistic health education to clients in the Emerald Coast and beyond. 

Dr. Jess's journey led her to realize the limitations of therapeutic exercise in isolation, prompting her to expand her knowledge by obtaining a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and a Doctorate in Natural Health. This comprehensive expertise forms the foundation of her practice, which focuses on an integrative approach to health with a strong emphasis on addressing the root cause of health issues by combating inflammation at a cellular level.

This dedication is manifested through personalized treatment plans that are tailored to enhance well-being and quality of life. Dr. Jess's passion lies in empowering individuals to live pain-free lives by optimizing their living environment, enhancing strength, and promoting sustainable lifestyle choices that promote long-term health benefits. The flexibility of receiving treatment at home or work, coupled with the option to receive personalized eating plans, underscores Dr. Jess's commitment to holistic care that encompasses a blend of cutting-edge technology and proven natural health practices in order to foster holistic healing and empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.


Wholistic Therapy At Home

Serving Freeport, Florida and surrounding areas

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Service Breakdown

What types of services are included?

Explore our range of therapeutic offerings

Physical Therapy

Regain strength, improve mobility, and enhance quality of life with personalized treatment plans

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Use a non-invasive treatment that uses sound waves to promote tissue healing and reduce pain

Nutrition Education

Get empowered to make informed dietary choices, ensuring optimal intake of essential vitamins and nutrients

Muscle Work & Massage

Enhance muscle function by stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing

Electrical Stimulation

Target muscle function and achieve recovery while accelerating healing and alleviating pain

Exercise Instruction

Get personalized exercise instruction tailored to your goals and fitness level for rehabilitation and maintenance

Red Light Therapy

Reduce pain, inflammation, and promote tissue healing in a non-invasive and clinically-proven manner

Women's Health

Adopt evidence-based adjustments to positively impact various women’s symptoms and ultimately change your life

Fall Prevention

Take proactive steps to prevent falls and stay safe through an in-depth assessment and onsite rehabilitation


Interested in Learning More?

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"Dr. Jess saved my life! On August 31, 2023, I fell and broke my neck. She visited daily as an angel of mercy. On March 13, 2024, 7 months later, my neck is healed from the excruciating pain. She is the BEST!"

— Bill L.

Therapy Session Pricing


1-Hour Treatment



90-Minute Treatment



2-hour Treatment


*Locations further than 10 miles from the Freeport, FL center will be charged an additional .40/mile (one way).

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